Ball State Dean Jennifer Bott Joins 2017 United Way Campaign Leadership Team


Today, nearly half of Delaware County households live in poverty or are just one crisis away from it. It is a vicious generational cycle, but families in our community are working hard to break free from it. These families face obstacles in reaching their health, education, and financial goals. They need access to additional resources, and United Way of Delaware County is fortunate to have dedicated local leaders who want to make this happen.

One leader from the Ball State University community, Miller College of Business Dean Jennifer Bott, is dedicating her time to this year’s 2017 United Way campaign for just this reason.

“One of my fundamental beliefs is that all of us have talents, abilities, and skills that can help our neighbors, our community, and our world. It is our responsibility to give back,” said Bott.  “By joining with United Way, I can impact and help 29 different programs—something I would never achieve on my own. Together, we can help make Muncie and Delaware County a safe and welcoming place where all have the chance to thrive and succeed.”

United Way is committed to improving grade-level reading performance among third graders, which is a known indicator for future success.

“United Way’s approach to funding agencies that have mechanisms and measures of success means your investment will truly help change lives,” Bott added. “It provides a means by which to assist several nonprofits at once—increasing your funds’ reach. Our communities rely on young leaders to give back and find a way to make a meaningful difference.” 

To conquer generational poverty, United Way of Delaware County has adopted the bold goal of all third graders reading at grade level by 2024. When children read at grade level by third grade, this accomplishment steers them toward a successful future.

In her tenure as dean, Bott has strengthened the college’s relationships with alumni and the business community and overseen the development of its two new centers. She was the recipient of the Delta Sigma Pi Professor of the Year and the Extraordinary Year Award for the Miller College of Business in 2007.

These accolades have only driven Bott’s passion for service. This year, she is new to the United Way team, and she is excited and motivated to help end generational poverty through targeted, proven, and successful efforts to improve children’s readiness to read.

“I have watched those involved with United Way with admiration and hope to serve in the same selfless and passionate way they have. I am honored to serve alongside outstanding community and business leaders.”