Let United Way come to your business to “Listen and Learn”

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Giving back is always a good decision, but sometimes it’s difficult to understand exactly where your money goes and what effect it has. When you give to United Way of Delaware and Henry Counties, you can be assured our team has put together an investment plan that matches the community’s collective will.

My favorite way to gather feedback is through Listen and Learn sessions. These sessions, organized by United Way, can be hosted by us or by you. Let United Way of Delaware and Henry Counties into your workplace to set up in your breakroom, and hear from your employees about their hopes for the community. These Listen and Learn sessions can be broad or specific, spanning a range of topics. I like to compare these sessions to “kitchen table conversations.” There are no right or wrong answers. Instead, we create a community think-tank where ideas are discussed, and goals are created. 

When we started this work, we learned that education was the greatest hope for people in Delaware County. We then paired that public knowledge with expert data and research which showed third grade literacy was the key to successful outcomes in education. Because the people of Delaware County see education as a pathway out of generational poverty, United Way is strategically investing in programs and initiatives that will turn this hope into a reality for more people.

We are actively listening right now to help develop plans for Muncie Community Schools, as well as Henry County. You can register for a session, schedule us to come listen to employees in your break room, or learn more by calling Lesley Devine at 765-288-5586 ext. 304.

Listen and Learn sessions have been a great opportunity for community involvement in the past and energize members to engage with work that needs to be done. Throughout my time at  UWDHC, I’ve learned a lot about the hopes that people have for our community. It all starts with your involvement.

Jenni Marsh is President and Chief Executive Officer of United Way of Delaware and Henry Counties.